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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twenty Percent of My Weight Gone!

Whoops! Monday slipped by, without reporting in. Instead of writing a blog entry, I spent a relaxing day at a Korean spa with a girlfriend, celebrating her birthday, basking in the saunas, getting foot massages, and eating delicious Korean food.

At the food counter, however, I had difficulty finding a selection of food that fit my mindset of conscious eating. Most choices had noodles or rice as a large portion of the dish, so I opted for fried dumplings with a side dish of cabbage with thousand-island dressing. Fried foods may not be the best choice, and the dumplings had flour wrappers (evil fat-storing starch and oils!), but nobody said I have to be perfect. I’m not on a diet, anyway, but on a food plan, so if I have to step slightly outside the food plan on occasion, it’s okay, because I stay on track most of the time. I can splurge a little here and there; otherwise, I might go crazy and drop the whole plan. The only real problem with the dumplings was that they tasted too good, and I ate most of them, and I didn’t need as much food as I ate. Oh, well.

I’m doing well on my plan. I’m still delighted that I met my mini goal of reaching 195 by New Year’s, and I’ve now decided on my next mini goal: I will weigh 190 or less by February 28. I have eight weeks to lose five more pounds. Goals work for me, and I know I will do all I can to meet that goal.

Sometimes I have a moment when I can’t believe I’ve actually lost weight. It has seemed so easy, and it happened so quickly that I’m still adjusting my belief system. Every morning when I awake, I pat my midriff to double check that it really is considerably smaller than it used to be, and every morning, it is.

I went to the dentist today, and the hygienist said, “Wow! You sure look different from your picture!” My picture? I’d forgotten that a couple of years earlier, she took my photo to place in my digital file. Photos help the staff recognize patients and call them by name, a little touch that always makes me feel special whenever I visit. I looked at her computer screen and saw the big, fat Bobbie face that used to belong to me. In reality, my neck now looks longer, my face slimmer, and my shoulders more delicate. I like the new Bobbie. When I lose more weight, I may insist that she take another photo. Naw, I like seeing the contrast. I need reminders to congratulate myself and remind myself I’m on the right track.

I have lost fifty pounds in five and a half months, and I am now more than halfway to my final goal of losing 95 pounds. I’ve lost twenty percent of my body weight! Yay, me!

Okay, this entry is short. Watch this spot for a diatribe on pumpkins, coming soon. I’ve discovered that pumpkins aren’t just for Jack-o-lanterns anymore.

Starting weight: 245
Weight last week: 196
Goal weight for this week: 195
Actual weight this week: 195
Total pounds lost: 50
Goal weight for next week: 194
Goal weight: 150
Mini goal: 190 by February 28

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