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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tip: Diet-Buyer Beware!

Some people may say that only two things are certain in life, death and taxes, but I submit a third absolute certainty: Advertising for diet plans and exercise equipment will for certain hit the airwaves on January 1 of every year and continue throughout the month or longer. Why? Because advertisers know that gullible folks like me make New Year’s resolutions, swearing that we will finally begin dieting and exercising and get our weight down. Advertisers also know that by January 1 the general public has eaten its way through huge holiday meals, along with all the extra cookies, pies, candy, chips, and eggnog that proliferate at every holiday gathering. Yep, advertisers know we’re bloated and overloaded with guilt and more likely to fall prey to a promise of a new body, regardless of the outrageous expense.


This year I won’t be one of the hundreds of thousands of people enticed by such commercials, because I have a jump on the whole weight-loss concept. When those ads run, I will feel smug in the knowledge that I’ve learned how to eat correctly to lose weight, and I don’t need expensive and often ineffective gimmicks to take control of my life and my weight. I am in control, now. I laugh at your ads. Bring them on!

Before people start new diets, they should get all the facts. Here’s a site where users write reviews of the top diets, and the site lists the diets in the order of their rating:  It of course doesn’t list my Don’t You Dare Call It a Diet, because my plan isn't something you have to buy. It is simply a sensible way to eat. What could possibly be wrong with it?

Read all the negative reviews about all those diets, though, and you’ll see why I created my own food plan, without expense, inconvenience, or gimmicks. I especially felt repulsed by the side effects of Alli reported on this Web site. Ugh! Buyer beware.

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