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Monday, August 16, 2010

The "I Hate to Work Out" Workout

I feel better every single day. I worked out three times last week in addition to going bowling twice last week. Today I worked out, and I may go again tomorrow.

I don’t like to work out; I really don’t. I hate sweating, and I get bored with repetition, but I like working out in a swimming pool. There I don’t know if I sweat, and I intersperse water aerobics exercises with swimming. I took water aerobics classes for years, so I know all the moves. I do the ones I want to do, the number of repetitions I want, and then I swim two or more laps, stop, and do more exercises. Before I know it, an hour has passed, and I can reward myself by slipping into the bubbling hot tub for ten minutes.

Something’s working, and I’m sure it’s the combination of working out and eating right, because this week I lost three pounds. I’ve set a goal of a pound a week, so I’m delighted with dropping three pounds in one week. I like goals; they help me focus and give me something to celebrate when I reach them. Golly, if I had only one big goal of reaching my goal weight of 150 pounds, I’d get frustrated, because it will take me a year and a half or more to reach that goal. As a result, I break my huge goal into smaller ones. Not only do I have a weekly goal of losing one pound, I also figured out that I could potentially weigh under 200 pounds by New Year’s Eve. I haven’t weighed under 200 pounds in ten years, so that’s my next big goal: two hundred by December 31.

My body is already cooperating. Yesterday I easily ate lightly. For breakfast, I had watermelon. For lunch I had a Yoplait yogurt, to which I added a handful of fresh, delicious blueberries. For dinner I felt I’d earned a big salad, so I went all out. I made a big salad, complete with spinach, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, eggs, carrots, beets, celery, sunflower seeds, and radishes and even added a cut-up plum and croutons. I measured my salad dressing, two tablespoons, and mixed my salad until the dressing coated everything. I chomped down and was enjoying every mouthful, but I ate slowly, consciously, and when I was only two-thirds of the way through, I realized I’d had enough. My stomach was telling me to quit eating, and I did. I’ve already said how hard it is for me to leave food on my plate, but last night it was as easy as bouncing a ball. I threw the remainder of the salad in my compost pile and smiled at myself. I’m really into this healthy thing, and I love that my body is willing and eager to go along with the plan.

Now for the official Monday weigh-in results:

Original weight: 245
Weight last week: 229
Goal weight for this week: 228
Actual weight this week: 226
Goal weight for next week: 225
Total pounds lost: 19
Final goal weight: 150

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