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Saturday, July 31, 2010

It’s a Good Thing

In my last blog entry I talked about never eating after eight o’clock at night. As a result, I sometimes I feel a little hungry by bedtime, which brings me to another tip.

Tip: Whenever you feel hungry at an inappropriate time to eat, tell yourself, “I’m losing weight, which is a good thing.”

How quickly the hunger pains dissipate when I focus on the positive reason why I’m feeling a little peckish! I think about the many people who go to bed truly hungry, while I’ve had a full meal, and I realize I’m being selfish and extravagant; and besides, “I’m losing weight, which is a good thing.”

In the previous section I spoke about eating when I get bored, and I’ve learned that the one sure cure for boredom is doing something interesting that occupies my mind. The same holds true when I’m trying to forget I’m a little hungry. I know one sure thing that banishes my boredom, and that’s writing. If I sit down at my computer, I lose track of time, forget about being slightly hungry, and I do what I love to do.

Do something that interests you, to keep your mind off the little bit of hunger you feel. Remember that not all hunger is a cry for food, so if you’re a writer, stop thinking about your hunger and sit down and write. If you’re a painter, pull out your palette and get to work. If you like to read, open that book you’ve been wanting to start. If you like to chat with friends, pick up the telephone. Whatever you do, occupy your mind for a few minutes, and your hunger will disappear. Hunger is temporary; calories can be enduring.

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